70x70cm Black Square Photo frame Picture Frame Poster frame for wall mount and freestanding by convenient2you - YCXKA5ON

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  • Ideal photo frame for your pictures, diploma certificates and other images and documents.

  • Picture Frames are supplied with mounting clip/hooks to allow hanging either portrait or landscape

  • The measurements provided are the glass/picture size and not the overall frame size.Made in the UK.

  • 10x10 size frames are with kickstands and wall hanging while larger sized frames can only be hanged

  • Comprehensive range of sizes(A1,A2,A3,A4,A5 A6) and colors (Black white, Walnut, Oak) is available

  • Due to unique design and texture, our photo frames are a great option for schools, Colleges, offices hospitals and home photo gallery. Picture frames are supplied with shatterproof safety glass, which cuts down the weight and is much safer than traditional glasses. This makes them perfect for a school setting as well as home decoration. The multi-directional hanging kit/clip supplied with the frame which enable you to hang it portrait or landscape. The moulding is 20mm across and 15mm deep and is very strong, substantial and lightweight. We also sell thinner and thicker mouldings. Shatter proof Styrene is used to protect the image. We specialize in making small and large picture frames including a1 photo frames a2 photo frames a3 picture frame a4 picture frames a5 photo frames and a6 frames. Our certificate/poster frames are handmade and manufactured in the Glasgow and London UK. . We offer a wide range of panoramic picture frame suitable for all types of images, including certificates, pictures, photos and posters. Each frame comes with Quality backing board and hanging hooks. frames are fitted with high clarity Perspex Styrene safety Sheet. There is a protective cover film on the both side of the perspex styrene sheet. Simply peel off the protective film from each side before framing your pictures .it will be as clear as glass. These .Our stylish photo frames are the perfect gift for any happy occasion like Christmas, Easter,Eid or someone's engagement or wedding. Also an ideal gift for couples, parents, teacher and colleagues. Comprehensive Collection of colors including black, white, blue, pink gold, silver, cream and textures including walnut, oak wooden effect, are available.Our frames are available in different sizes including 40x40, 30x40cm, 21x30cm 20x30cm 85x11 30x45cm 12x8cm and other various sizes. For more funky chunky vintage and colourful photo frames please check our other listings.

    70x70cm Black Square Photo frame Picture Frame Poster frame for wall mount and freestanding by convenient2you - YCXKA5ON

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